5 Nov 2012

Top 10 Places in Sydney to Include in Your Itinerary

So you have those air tickets to Sydney already? Good! Then that means that you are ready for step two, and that is designing your itinerary. Yes, you have to plan where you are going as that will definitely make your tour much more exciting.

Here are some suggested destinations:

1) Circular Quay

One of the liveliest places to be when in Sydney is the Circular Quay. It serves as a great spot where people can just walk around and appreciate the beautiful city icons; and take photographs of just anything there is. There is a plethora of dining and shopping establishments around, so touring will surely be fun.

2) Sydney Opera House

There is nothing as iconic in Sydney as the Sydney Opera House. It is one of the busiest and most famous performance venues in the region and is definitely visited for the infinite creativity it guarantees. It is hailed as a World Heritage Site.

3) Sydney Harbour Bridge

Perhaps one of themost beautiful bridges in Australia, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is located just close to the Sydney Opera House. It serves pedestrians, rails, vehicles and bicycles – crossing the Parramatta River. It is tagged as the ‘Coathanger’ for its design and is spectacular when illuminated with colorful lights at night.

4) The Rocks

When talking about history, The Rocks is the place to be. Known as the birth place of modern Sydney, the area basically takes pride on its cobblestoned pavements, thematic dining venues, and the stunning stories that dates back to 200 years ago. It is brimming with attractions, Sydney hotels, and other entertainment establishments, making it a top tourist precinct.

5) Museum of Sydney

This Australian city takes pride on its history, and there is no better way to understand and experience that than going to the Museum of Sydney. An institution built in 1788, it now offers different exhibits that would take you to a discovery of what Sydney has been to what Sydney aims to be.

6) Royal Botanic Gardens

Breathing is allowed in the city. Despite the overt advancements of Sydney, it still provides its people with a place to unwind, relax and get away from the overwhelming pace of life. The Royal Botanic Gardens is the perfect oasis as this stunning nature is just near the city center.

7) Taronga Zoo

Mingle with the animals while in the heart of the city by visiting the Taronga Zoo. Home to a huge number of animals (endangered and ordinary), it is definitely a place to be visited with the whole family. Among the featured animals are giraffes, Asian elephants, chimpanzees, penguins, seals, and many more!

8) Koala Park Sanctuary

This is the chance to see the cute and cuddly koalas in person. The Koala Park Sanctuary is where the koalas and other native Australian animals are sheltered. Tourists can walk around the area and take  photos with the animals.

9) Sydney Tower Eye

The Sydney Tower Eye which measures 250 meters high is one of the stunning skyscrapers in the city. It gives a spectacular 360 degree view of Sydney.

10) Sydney Skywalk

If you are adventurous and not afraid of heights, then the Sydney Skywalk is a perfect experience to take. Measuring 268 meters above the ground , The Skywalk, which is located at Sydney Tower Eye,  lets you see the magnificent view of the city in a glass-floor viewing platform.

Listed above are just some of the many places. Meaning, there are a lot more destinations that you should discover for yourself. Sometimes, it would even make you want to extend your trip. But if time won’t permit, it is okay! Cheap flights to Sydney, Australia are abundant in the internet and you can book your tickets online, anytime.

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