10 Dec 2012

Top 10 Colorful Travel Destinations in Asia

Recently, there have been so many flight promotions to Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore, Bangkok, and all other cities in Asia. Why not? Lots of travelers coming from different parts of the globe want to visit these prestigious cities in the Orient to lay eyes on the colorful and definitely beautiful environment each city or island flaunts.

Among the many destinations are the following:

1. Tokyo (Japan)

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Who wouldn’t find Tokyo interesting? A bustling city which guarantees infinite accessibility to everyone, it is of no wonder why people are dying to get to the city. Aside from the typical attractions, it also gives home to a unique and colorful culture which is very admirable.

2. Hong Kong
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It is tagged as the city where the East meets the West because it is the venue of the unmistakably vibrant fusion of the western and oriental cultures. This cosmopolitan city is primarily known for its stunning nightscape and the dynamic lifestyle of its people.

3. Seoul (South Korea)

The land of KPOP and kimchi, Seoul is a place which boasts of cute things. Every street is graced with quirky and themed caf├ęs and restaurants which give off nice atmospheres conducive for dining and relaxation. Lots of parks and attractions are everywhere too. Good deals on air tickets to Korea and Tours to Seoul are available online.

4. Bangkok (Thailand)

Unique and utterly vigorous, Bangkok is a city worth visiting in Asia. Showcasing the impressive mixture of past and present through its architectures and heritage, there is no mistaking that this City of the Angels is one of the most preferred tourist destinations in the continent.

5. Singapore

It may be a small country but there’d be no regrets when buying air tickets to this country. Blessed with clean environments, disciplined people, and impressive modernity, Singapore is basically a place to go to. Commercial-wise, it isn’t left behind. Lodging, dining and shopping establishments are everywhere.

6. Shanghai (China)

It is difficult not to fall in love with Shanghai. It is one of the most economically successful cities in China and is home to so many modern attractions. The night lights from its skyline are dazzling as well!

7. New Delhi (India)

Basically, it is not just the sareesworn by the women that are colorful in New Delhi but the culture as well. Mingle with the people and be exposed to a heritage that is distinct among all Asian’s. The food is great too!

8. Beijing (China)

The capital of the superpower China, Beijing is undoubtedly a must-visit. Home to different temples, attractions, modern edifices and historical places you should not miss, it is definitely worth it to buy air tickets online and visit the city.

9. Cebu (Philippines)
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Manila could be a little overrated for many already so why not settle for an equally beautiful city? Dubbed as the Queen of the South, Cebu is a metropolis where history and contemporary are entangled in a beautiful web of heritage which is showcased for everyone to enjoy. Beaches, forests, and different other attractions are everywhere.

10. Busan (South Korea)

Few hours away from Seoul is a very interesting city with a colorful environment. Busan is not just the medical capital of South Korea. It is also a metropolis that flaunts its independence in terms of tourist attractions. Dining and shopping establishments are abundant; travelers would easily find comfort when there.

Buying air tickets online to anywhere in Asia is surely an interesting adventure. So make sure that you book your flights as soon as possible. You deserve the best trip, so there should be no room for hesitations.


  1. Wonderful Places! I'm really amazed for this Top Ten Colorful Travel Destination in Asia. They are really beautiful and fabulous places, The Tokyo (Japan), Hong Kong, Seoul (South Korea), Bangkok (Thailand), Singapore and etc. are truly great place. I will visit this place someday and Thank you for sharing articles, it is really nice.

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