17 Oct 2013

World Events to Attend This October

October is one of the months when travelers take chance to unwind and rejuvenate as they travel to explore different places and indulge on various cultures. And as if as one to support this ideal, cities from all over the world hold colorful and spectacular festivals which travelers will surely enjoy. Some are as follows:

1. Haunted Pumpkin Garden (New York, USA)

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Running all month long, travelers can experience a different kind of art at the Haunted Pumpkin Garden at New York City. The Botanical Garden is transformed into a spooky place as different pumpkin sculptures from master carver Ray Villafane are displayed for everyone’s amusement.

2. Auckland Diwali Festival (New Zealand)
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Happening on October 19-20, the largest city of New Zealand turns into a huge bazaar as Indian residents celebrate the return from exile of Hindu God Rama. Streets are decorated with vibrant stalls selling crafts and Indian sweets. Bollywood dance performances and fireworks displays are also held.

3. Phuket Vegetarian Festival (Thailand)
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One of the highlights of most Phuket Thailand tours, the Phuket Vegetarian Festival is actually a period of ritual cleansing done by locals to ensure good health. During the festival which is happening on October 5-13, people abstain by meat. Other practices then include extreme body piercing, walking on coals barefooted, and climbing sword ladders.

4.  CowalFest (Scotland)
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Aside from the rolling hills, witness the extravagant CowelFest when you visit the Scottish Highlands on October 4-13. The said event is a 10-day festival which allows trekkers to venture through 80 themed walking tours led by professionals. It’s a total of 56 miles to walk on!

5. Arts Crush (Seattle, WA)

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 In Seattle, the month of October is exciting for the communities around the Puget Sound. Art events from music video shoots to kids’ art workshops are sponsored by these communities just to promote art to everyone.

6. International Guitar Festival of Seville (Spain)
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People are serenaded on October 15-19 at Andalusia, Spain as the city celebrates the International Guitar Festival of Seville. Romantic tunes are performed on concerts and classes in this city where folk music originated.

7. Baltic Herring Fair (Helsinki, Finland)
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On October 6-12, fly to Helsinki and visit the Market Square to take part in the Baltic Herring Fair. It marks the end of the fishing season since 1743 and it has been a tradition to celebrate the festival with songs, friendly cooking competitions and other festive activities.

8. Lords of Miracles (Peru)
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In Lima, one of the biggest processions in the world is held from October 18-28. It is the Lords of Miracles, where a two-ton mural depicting Christ on the cross is paraded. This mural appeared after an earthquake almost destroyed the city on 1746. Many devotees then come to the capital of Peru to see this ‘miracle’ every October.

9. Times Cheltenham Literature Festival (London)
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Paying tribute to the world of Literature, people who are into novels can fly to this city south of London to meet famous authors from October 4-13. It’s really a nice event held in a charming town!

10. Marwar Festival (India)

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See camels with tattoos at the Marwar Festival in Jodhpur. Witness the festival from October 17-18 and enjoy different activities including polo tournaments and folk dancing.

Listed above are just ten of the most famous festivals held on October. So what should you do? Check out the flight promos now and book for your tours. Don’t let the opportunity pass!

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