24 Nov 2013

Top 10 Destinations in Indonesia

Where to Go in Indonesia?
It is a common knowledge that each Asian country possesses unique characteristics and heritage which appeals even to Asians themselves. That is why many find cheap tickets to travel to different nations, and one of the most popular destinations is Indonesia.

As the largest archipelago in the world, Indonesia is home to so many attractions in which travelers can experience what good life is. Here are the top 10:

1. Lombok Island

Photo Credit: Marie-Ange Ostré (source: Discover Lombok)

Travelers who are into the beach will surely find solace in Lombok Island. Tagged as one of the many paradises in Indonesia, it is a good venue not just for swimming but also for diving. The marine ecology composed mainly of colorful coral reefs and schools of unique fishes are spectacular to see.

2. Komodo Island

Image Source: Phoebettmh Travel

With its magnificent environment and marine ecology, it is hard to let pass an opportunity to visit the Komodo Island. But it doesn’t end there; because this Indonesian isle has more than just unspoiled nature:  the Komodo Dragon, an endemic creature in Indonesia which is believed to be the closest specie to actual dragons.

3. Jakarta

What trip to Indonesia will be complete without stopping by the capital city of Jakarta? As the political, financial and commercial center of the country, it plays hosts to so many modern buildings and attractions which will thrill everyone. Shopping malls, entertainment hubs, amusement parks, and many other establishments can be found there.

4. Borobodur
Photo Credit: Indonesia Tourism Website

Exuding the loveliest charm from thousands of years ago is the Mahayana Buddhist temple of Borobudur in Magelang, Central Java. It is the biggest Buddhist temple in the world, and constantly draws tourists for its intricate design which features more than 2000 relief panels and 504 Buddha statues. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

5. Mt. Kelimutu
 Photo Credit: All Indonesia Travel

To those intending to take things into extremes, a trek to the craters of Mt. Kelimutu is recommended. It is a volcano which has three unique craters – unique because of its varying colors. Originally, the craters are said to be blue green, fiery green and red. But then it changed to different shades. Today, the craters are dark brown, red-brown, and turquoise.

6. Bangka Belitung Island
Photo Credit: Indonesia Tourism Website

Off the coast of Sumatra, it is a great alternative for people who wish to escape the crowd in Bali. It is a beach island, renowned for its white shore. Furthermore, it has a spectacular nature, making island hopping, diving and snorkeling great activities to do. As it is a commercialized island already, accommodation, dining and shopping facilities are available.

7. Yogyakarta

Indonesia has a very interesting culture; and for those who wish to explore it more, a visit to Yogyakarta is necessary. As one of the oldest cities in the country, it is home to cultural attractions detailing how unique Indonesian heritage is. Start the tour with a visit to Taman Sari, the renowned water castle.

8. Bunaken Marine Park
Photo Credit: The Travel Word

Marine ecology in Indonesia is definitely fantastic! It is proven true by the Bunaken Marine Park in Sulawesi Island. It is home to almost 400 species of unique coral reefs, as well as different schools of marine creatures. It is a national park, and is highly regarded among nature lovers.

9. Raja Ampat, Papua
Photo Credit: Indonesia'd

Proving further that the marine ecology of Indonesia is one of a kind is the Raja Ampat in Papua. Marine biodiversity is truly superb with its colorful and unspoiled reefs. With its name taken from a local mythology story, the place sure feels like created, designed and maintained with magic.

10. Bali

When we talk about Indonesia, Bali often comes to mind first. Why not? It is the most popular beach island in Indonesia, and is a favorite destination for many tourists. It is densely commercialized yet preservation of its nature and heritage are evident. Aside from the beaches, cultural and historical places may be found here.

Indonesia is one exciting country which will surely satiate travelers’ needs for good experience. It is the perfect getaway as it is easily accessed from most parts of Asia. Thus, people need not to hesitate in coming there. It is a nice place, a paradise even.

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  1. Personally I like Bali which is one of the most important tourist spot and numbers of tourist comes from all over the world for enjoyment and relaxing.

  2. Pangandaran Beach. must there

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