12 Oct 2012

Top 10 Attractions to See in Beijing

As the capital of the super power China, Beijing is expected to live up to the nation’s reputation – which it undoubtedly does. That is why many travelers find it a great need to visit Beijing city and witness for themselves the spectacular of this city.

1. Great Wall

The Great Wall of China is perhaps the most famous attraction in the nation, and a famous point of entry to the area is in Beijing. Walking on this great fortress which is hailed as a Wonder of the World is definitely a one-in-a-million experience.

2. Forbidden City

Another famous destination in Beijing is the Forbidden City. An imperial palace complex which was founded several centuries back, it features imposing buildings and structures which basically symbolize the glory of Chinese history.

3. Tiananmen Square

Known as the largest central city square in the world, the Tiananmen Square is an icon of Beijing. More so, it serves as a home of culture and history as within its vicinity, many notable buildings are situated. This includes the National Museum of China, Tiananmen Tower, Mao Zedong Memorial Museum, etc.

4. 798 Art Zone

Also known as the Dashanzi Art District, the 798 Art Zone is a 0.6-kilometer area in Shanghai which concentrates on featuring modern arts. There are many galleries, exhibition halls, studios, even fashionable shops located in the area; making tourists enjoy it more.

5. Qianmen Street

The famous Qianmen Street is located in the center of Beijing City. It is a pedestrian street which holds a history of over 500 years. Tourists would love the area because the absence of transportation and the presence of Chinese-styled shophouses contribute to a good background for photo ops.

6. Beijing Bell & Drum Towers

Bells and drums are typically used for musical purposes but for many early Chinese people, these two instruments are also used to tell the people what time it was. Visiting the Beijing Bell & Drum Towers will surely enlighten a lot of tourists about this unusual yet interesting fact about the city’s history.

7. Beijing Zoo

Tourists who wish to see those cute pandas in person can buy cheap flights to Beijing and visit the Beijing Zoo. Situated in Xicheng District, this zoo also features other animals which the whole family would surely enjoy looking at. It also has an aquarium which displays various marine creatures.

8. Stone Flower Cave (Shihua Cave)

Located in Fangshan District is the wonderful and scenic Stone Flower Cave. It features impressive stalactite and stalagmites formation, which beauty is emphasized with colorful lights. The experience it provides people is truly worth remembering!

9. Beijing Botanical Garden

An A-grade composite scenic spot, the Beijing Botanical Garden is undeniably a must-visit when in the city. The place boasts of different themed gardens which showcases the different plants and trees in the city. Aside from tourism, the garden also helps in scientific research and studies.

10. Taoranting Park (Joyful Park)

With its more than 50 hectares of land emanating a cultural feel, the Taoranting Park is definitely a spectacle. It features not just plants and ponds, but also pavilions. There is also a beautiful temple in there.

Beijing is such an interesting city to delve deeper into. Visiting it is not much of a problem as cheap tickets to the city are easily available to the traveling public.

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  2. I was reading you blogs and i was only familiar with "The Great China wall" because i read about it in history books but other beautiful places are also take the importance. I want to see these beautiful locations and if you have more picture or information then share with us. badaling


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