3 Oct 2012

Top 10 Shanghai Attractions to See

While many would argue that there is nothing much to see in Shanghai, that does not mean that it is pointless to book a flight to the city; because truth be told, this Chinese metropolis is, by far, one of the best places to visit in that huge country. Contrary to the belief of others, there are a lot of attractions to see in Shanghai.

1. Oriental Pearl TV Tower

It is an iconic TV Tower which is located in the Pudong District. This tower flaunts a unique design which involves the use of spheres and columns. At the height of 468m, it is one of the tallest buildings in Shanghai. It has an observation deck.

2. Yi Yuan Gardens

Flaunting a classical design, the Yi Yuan Garden is truly a pleasant place to visit. Finished around 400 years ago, it has undergone several reconstructions to preserve its glory. It features pavilions, ponds, rocks, and cloisters which are necessary for an oriental classical garden.

3. Zhujiajiao

A trip down the memory lane in Shanghai is best done in Zhujiajiao, a village founded around 1,700 years ago. It features structures which date back to the Ming and Qing dynasties. Aside from the ancient vibe, what attracts people to this district is its being a water village.

4. The Bund

To witness the astounding opulence of Shanghai, one has to visit The Bund. Home to different commercial and political establishments, it is a must-visit destination. The place is just photogenic with all the historical buildings lined along the dramatic Huangpu River. Tours to Shanghai is best maximized with a visit here.

5. Shanghai Ocean Aquarium (Shanghai HaiyangShuizu Guan)

A public aquarium located in Shanghai, this impressive institution promotes knowledge about marine ecology. It gives home to different marine species including Bruce, an Oranda goldfish which measures more than 17 inches from snout to tail fin.

6. Shanghai Museum

Focused on displaying Chinese art, the Shanghai Museum is indeed a destination for many art enthusiasts. Founded in 1952, it is now giving home to almost 120,000 pieces of displays including calligraphies, porcelains, jades, furniture, etc.

7. Longhua Park

The Longhua Park is one of the most beautiful places in Shanghai. Aside from featuring the famous Longhua Temple, the park also gives home to several sculptures which easily capture people’s attention. The park is also the venue to Evening Bell-Striking Ceremony.

8. Old City God’s Temple

The ‘Old City God’s Temple’ is actually a temple in Shanghai, China which is visited mainly for its religious importance. It is surrounded by a vibrant community which features Chinese-styled shophouses, thereby creating a very ancient and beautiful charm.

9. Jade Buddha Temple

A famous Buddhist temple founded in 1882, the Jade Buddha Temple is a must-visit for pilgrims and tourists. It gives home to two jade Buddhas, one sitting and one reclining.

10. Qibao Ancient Town

Few kilometers south of Shanghai City is the Qibao Ancient Town. It is primarily famed for its traditional houses, shops, and restaurants which collectively forms a very picturesque spectacle. It is a small city and one can go around it completely just by walking.

Indeed, Shanghai brims with attractions which will surely suffice the need of people to see beautiful places and experience wonderful things. There are so many air ticket promotions to Shanghai so even when on budget, getting to the city is a breeze.

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