30 Jul 2012

Top 10 Things to Do in Taipei

Taipei is basically one of the liveliest and most beautiful cities not just in Asia, but in the world. As the capital of Taiwan, it features a lot of wonderful things which people desire to lay eyes on and experience undoubtedly – eventually paving way to a Taipei air ticket promotion being a usual feat.

As said, there is so much to do in the wonderful metropolis; and to complete a Taipei tour, here is the list of the things to accomplish when in the city:

1. Visit Taipei 101

Taipei 101 is a 101-storey structure which serves as an important icon of the city. It stands a towering height of 508 meters and is home to different offices, attractions and commercial establishments. At the 89th floor, it showcases an observation deck where people can obtain an unblocked view of the cityscape.

2. Visit the night markets

The night markets of Taipei are like portals which transport people to a brand new dimension. Far from the upscale appeal of the city, the night markets focus on the more typical aspect of Taiwanese heritage. Experience the people. Experience the food.

3. Take trips to the old streets

A pleasant alternative for those who are not fans of hustles and bustles, the old streets of Taipei are sure to bring people down the memory lane. Although most are already commercialized, the main attractions in these areas are the Chinese shop houses which style are from the olden times. Items sold on stalls are usually traditional, matching the atmosphere well.

4. Try the hot springs

Although very much urbanized, Taipei has rooms for the natural attractions and probably the most popular would be the hot springs. The warm water coming from the springs are definitely relaxing and good for the health. Availing air tickets promo for this alone is worth it!

5. Explore the museums

Learning Taipei’s history is exciting as it opens up the door to a unique heritage. Rather than burying noses on books, it is more fun to visit museums and find out things books cannot efficiently tell.

6. Have fun at the theme parks

 Taipei gives home to an interesting theme park which caters mostly to the kids, and kids at heart. It is never wrong to go back to childhood and enjoy the rides and amusement this important attraction promises. Enjoy and have fun!

7. Shop. Shop. Shop.

 Taipei is very much known to the world for its shopping districts. It is easy to find nice fashion items, gadgets, home decors, books, and other things needed in everyday living in the streets and malls of the city. Prices range from cheap to expensive, depending on the brand.

8. Try out the special delicacies of Taipei

A tour will never be complete without trying the special delicacies of the city. Among the recommended food are the pan fried pork buns, Taiwanese sausage, stinky tofu, and pearl milk tea. Availing the Taipei air ticket promotion for the food is worth it.

9. Convene with nature

As said, Taipei gives home to natural attractions. Some are man-made though. Nonetheless, these places serve as great breathers for the people who get tired from all the modernity.

10. Use the public transportation
The transportation systems around Taipei is very efficient and worth the try. Furthermore, the stations are beautiful particularly the Formosa Boulevard, where the largest installation of artistic glass ceiling can be found. The bus system is also good and exciting, and generally safe.

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17 Jul 2012

10 Best Travel Destinations in the World

Life is meant to be enjoyed, and traveling is one of the best ways to do that. Witness the wonderful spectacles, experience the various cultures. Hop on to flights to London, Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, and all other cities, and live life as how it should be.

Indeed, the world offers innumerable places to visit for the wandering souls. But top choices are as follows:


Fall in love at first sight with the breathtaking beauty of London. A prime city in the United Kingdom, it is home to numerous structures displaying imposing architectural styles, and a very vibrant and elegant culture. It is every traveler’s dream destination, and it is never easy to disregard cheap flights to London.

The city that never sleeps, there is just so much to do when in New York. See the famous Empire State Building, go to Times Square, watch a Broadway show, visit the museums, and just have fun seeing a bustling community day and night.


The romantic atmosphere in this French city never leaves, that’s why it is tagged as the World’s Capital of Romance. Stroll around parks and esplanades, go up the Eiffel Tower, visit the different museums (including the renowned Louvre), or just sit back and let time pass in a café while reading a good book. Paris captivates hearts. That is sure.


Where cultures fuse together, there is this immeasurable beauty that sweeps everyone off their feet. Beijing does that. With the presence of various attractions like the different temples and historical buildings, as opposed to the modern Bird’s Nest and other impressive skyscrapers, it is worth it to travel to Beijing.


It’s probably because of the so-called Hallyu Wave but Seoul has become one of the most interesting places to visit recently. Quirky cafés everywhere, unique traditions and way of living, astounding nature sceneries, impressive temples and palaces, there really is something good in every block of this city.


Let the fog do its thing because it just adds to the uniqueness of San Francisco. Home to different attractions like the Fisherman’s Wharf and Aquarium of the Bay, this city entertains its people in a way nothing else can. There is everything – shopping malls, night markets, restaurants and bars, parks, etc. – in it.


Traveling back in time is possible when you travel to Rome. Ancient ruins screaming magnificence, numerous libraries and museums for the insatiable desire for knowledge, amusing artworks, and distinct establishments form the city, making it one of the best spots to go to in Italy


Another impressive city in China, Shanghai is an astounding evidence of the country’s impeccable growth. With already a boosting economy, it follows that this city gives home to unimaginable luxury made available for everyone. There is plenty of air tickets to Shanghai sold. It is never difficult to arrange a trip to this wondrous place.


The former capital of Australia brims with so much attraction that tourists just can’t help but fly to it at once. Giving life and color to the typically calm communities are the spectacular arts scene, breathtaking beaches, and various restaurants and shopping centers. Festivals are at its best in the city, as well.


If there is one place in Asia which is regarded for its very unique and always dynamic atmosphere, it would be Tokyo. The land where inventions and discoveries are part of everyday norms, this city also plays host to a typically distinct culture which every traveler would find very amusing.
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