24 Nov 2013

Top 10 Destinations in Indonesia

Where to Go in Indonesia?
It is a common knowledge that each Asian country possesses unique characteristics and heritage which appeals even to Asians themselves. That is why many find cheap tickets to travel to different nations, and one of the most popular destinations is Indonesia.

As the largest archipelago in the world, Indonesia is home to so many attractions in which travelers can experience what good life is. Here are the top 10:

1. Lombok Island

Photo Credit: Marie-Ange Ostré (source: Discover Lombok)

Travelers who are into the beach will surely find solace in Lombok Island. Tagged as one of the many paradises in Indonesia, it is a good venue not just for swimming but also for diving. The marine ecology composed mainly of colorful coral reefs and schools of unique fishes are spectacular to see.

2. Komodo Island

Image Source: Phoebettmh Travel

With its magnificent environment and marine ecology, it is hard to let pass an opportunity to visit the Komodo Island. But it doesn’t end there; because this Indonesian isle has more than just unspoiled nature:  the Komodo Dragon, an endemic creature in Indonesia which is believed to be the closest specie to actual dragons.

3. Jakarta

What trip to Indonesia will be complete without stopping by the capital city of Jakarta? As the political, financial and commercial center of the country, it plays hosts to so many modern buildings and attractions which will thrill everyone. Shopping malls, entertainment hubs, amusement parks, and many other establishments can be found there.

4. Borobodur
Photo Credit: Indonesia Tourism Website

Exuding the loveliest charm from thousands of years ago is the Mahayana Buddhist temple of Borobudur in Magelang, Central Java. It is the biggest Buddhist temple in the world, and constantly draws tourists for its intricate design which features more than 2000 relief panels and 504 Buddha statues. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

5. Mt. Kelimutu
 Photo Credit: All Indonesia Travel

To those intending to take things into extremes, a trek to the craters of Mt. Kelimutu is recommended. It is a volcano which has three unique craters – unique because of its varying colors. Originally, the craters are said to be blue green, fiery green and red. But then it changed to different shades. Today, the craters are dark brown, red-brown, and turquoise.

6. Bangka Belitung Island
Photo Credit: Indonesia Tourism Website

Off the coast of Sumatra, it is a great alternative for people who wish to escape the crowd in Bali. It is a beach island, renowned for its white shore. Furthermore, it has a spectacular nature, making island hopping, diving and snorkeling great activities to do. As it is a commercialized island already, accommodation, dining and shopping facilities are available.

7. Yogyakarta

Indonesia has a very interesting culture; and for those who wish to explore it more, a visit to Yogyakarta is necessary. As one of the oldest cities in the country, it is home to cultural attractions detailing how unique Indonesian heritage is. Start the tour with a visit to Taman Sari, the renowned water castle.

8. Bunaken Marine Park
Photo Credit: The Travel Word

Marine ecology in Indonesia is definitely fantastic! It is proven true by the Bunaken Marine Park in Sulawesi Island. It is home to almost 400 species of unique coral reefs, as well as different schools of marine creatures. It is a national park, and is highly regarded among nature lovers.

9. Raja Ampat, Papua
Photo Credit: Indonesia'd

Proving further that the marine ecology of Indonesia is one of a kind is the Raja Ampat in Papua. Marine biodiversity is truly superb with its colorful and unspoiled reefs. With its name taken from a local mythology story, the place sure feels like created, designed and maintained with magic.

10. Bali

When we talk about Indonesia, Bali often comes to mind first. Why not? It is the most popular beach island in Indonesia, and is a favorite destination for many tourists. It is densely commercialized yet preservation of its nature and heritage are evident. Aside from the beaches, cultural and historical places may be found here.

Indonesia is one exciting country which will surely satiate travelers’ needs for good experience. It is the perfect getaway as it is easily accessed from most parts of Asia. Thus, people need not to hesitate in coming there. It is a nice place, a paradise even.

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29 Oct 2013

Ten Best Travel Advices and Quotes from Travel Bloggers (Batch 1)

Need some travel inspiration?

Here's my chosen 10 of the "Best Travel Advices/Quotes" from fellow travel bloggers around the world. No particular order :)

"You don’t need much to live and enjoy life."
- Nico Prins (A Travellers Journey)
Twitter: atravellersday

Excerpt from Three Simple Steps to Save Money for World Travel

"Every place holds huge memories, and mundane life becomes special.  The reasons we ended up where we did, how we found it and how much we paid; if we enjoyed the neighborhood, where we ate and played; whether we were able to work effectively all become part of our story of that place. But more often than not, each place is better defined by the people we meet."
- Mark (The Next Road)
Twitter: theNextRoad

Excerpt from Slow Travel

"Traveling solo does not always mean you’re alone. Most often, you meet marvelous people along the way and make connections that last a lifetime..."
- Jacqueline Boone (6 Months to Live)
Twitter: 6monthstolive

Excerpt from Why Women Should Travel

"The important thing is that you go out and experience something completely new. Being able to travel is more attainable than you think, if you just put your mind to it. Once you have had that first amazing experience, you will be hooked for life."
-Jana Irving (Fall Into Yesterday)
Twitter: wandering_jana

Excerpt from 6 Tips for Saving Up For Your Big Trip

"You don’t need to be rich and you don’t need to speak a dozen languages. You just need a passport."
- Peter Kenfield (Peter Travels)
Twitter: PeterKenfield

Excerpt from Change your life and travel the world – 5 easy steps to make it happen

"The happiness others have found in a stable life, I have found in travelling."
- Tiffany (World Meets Girl)
Twitter: tiffanywuest

Excerpt from Feeling at Home in Cape Town

"It’s an important part of the travel experience to understand what a country has gone through and how they trying to overcome their past problems."
- Marco Allegri (Thinking Nomads)
Twitter: thinkingnomads

Excerpt from What are you going to Cambodia for?

"I really enjoy getting of the beaten path, and finding the hard to get to destinations. There’s a certain adventure to it that cant be beat!"

- Jonny (Backpackingman)
Twitter: backpackingman

Excerpt from Backpackingman

"If you are planning that trip of a lifetime, longing to see the world. Don’t let things delay or stop you. For me the number one reason for travel is that you may not get the chance again."
- The Guy (Flights and Frustration)
Twitter: TheGuy37796972

Excerpt from The Number One Reason To Travel

"Traveling is about discovery, part of that is meeting new people, one of the biggest parts actually. No amount of Facebook or twitter in the lobby can replace real human interaction and having a shared new experience."
- Stephen Bischoff (Shameless Traveler)

Twitter: ShamelssTravelr

Excerpt from Travel Advice: Leave Your Ego at Home and Remember You’re Mortal

Thank you for reading.
Hope these quotes inspire you, the way it inspired me! :)

17 Oct 2013

World Events to Attend This October

October is one of the months when travelers take chance to unwind and rejuvenate as they travel to explore different places and indulge on various cultures. And as if as one to support this ideal, cities from all over the world hold colorful and spectacular festivals which travelers will surely enjoy. Some are as follows:

1. Haunted Pumpkin Garden (New York, USA)

[1] Source

Running all month long, travelers can experience a different kind of art at the Haunted Pumpkin Garden at New York City. The Botanical Garden is transformed into a spooky place as different pumpkin sculptures from master carver Ray Villafane are displayed for everyone’s amusement.

2. Auckland Diwali Festival (New Zealand)
[2] Source

Happening on October 19-20, the largest city of New Zealand turns into a huge bazaar as Indian residents celebrate the return from exile of Hindu God Rama. Streets are decorated with vibrant stalls selling crafts and Indian sweets. Bollywood dance performances and fireworks displays are also held.

3. Phuket Vegetarian Festival (Thailand)
[3] Source

One of the highlights of most Phuket Thailand tours, the Phuket Vegetarian Festival is actually a period of ritual cleansing done by locals to ensure good health. During the festival which is happening on October 5-13, people abstain by meat. Other practices then include extreme body piercing, walking on coals barefooted, and climbing sword ladders.

4.  CowalFest (Scotland)
[4] Source

Aside from the rolling hills, witness the extravagant CowelFest when you visit the Scottish Highlands on October 4-13. The said event is a 10-day festival which allows trekkers to venture through 80 themed walking tours led by professionals. It’s a total of 56 miles to walk on!

5. Arts Crush (Seattle, WA)

[5] Source

 In Seattle, the month of October is exciting for the communities around the Puget Sound. Art events from music video shoots to kids’ art workshops are sponsored by these communities just to promote art to everyone.

6. International Guitar Festival of Seville (Spain)
[6] Source

People are serenaded on October 15-19 at Andalusia, Spain as the city celebrates the International Guitar Festival of Seville. Romantic tunes are performed on concerts and classes in this city where folk music originated.

7. Baltic Herring Fair (Helsinki, Finland)
[7] Source

On October 6-12, fly to Helsinki and visit the Market Square to take part in the Baltic Herring Fair. It marks the end of the fishing season since 1743 and it has been a tradition to celebrate the festival with songs, friendly cooking competitions and other festive activities.

8. Lords of Miracles (Peru)
[8] Source

In Lima, one of the biggest processions in the world is held from October 18-28. It is the Lords of Miracles, where a two-ton mural depicting Christ on the cross is paraded. This mural appeared after an earthquake almost destroyed the city on 1746. Many devotees then come to the capital of Peru to see this ‘miracle’ every October.

9. Times Cheltenham Literature Festival (London)
[9] Source

Paying tribute to the world of Literature, people who are into novels can fly to this city south of London to meet famous authors from October 4-13. It’s really a nice event held in a charming town!

10. Marwar Festival (India)

[10] Source

See camels with tattoos at the Marwar Festival in Jodhpur. Witness the festival from October 17-18 and enjoy different activities including polo tournaments and folk dancing.

Listed above are just ten of the most famous festivals held on October. So what should you do? Check out the flight promos now and book for your tours. Don’t let the opportunity pass!

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9 Sept 2013

Top 10 Beautiful Beaches in Asia

Below are Top Ten most beautiful beaches in Asia. Each possessing unique and stunning charms, these destinations will certainly take your breaths away.

1) Sipadan Beach Island (Malaysia)

A spectacular diving destination, Sipadan Beach is renowned for its clear waters. The marine life is amazingly gorgeous that every diver should witness even just once in their diving careers. The island doesn’t feature hotels since 2004 though, to take care of the environment. Nearest accommodations are located in Mabul Island which is just minutes away.

Image sources:
Frog + Princess
CNN Travel

2) Lang Co Beach (Vietnam)

Situated between Da Nang and Hue, Lang Co Beach in Vietnam is an amazing stretch of peninsula that features white sand beach and lines of palm trees. It also boasts of a turquoise blue lagoon that assures a pleasant surprise to those who will travel to Vietnam for this summer destination. The beach fronts the Pacific Ocean.

Image source: Macs London

3) Koh Tao (Koh Samui, Thailand)

One of the most relaxing beaches in Koh Samui, Thailand is the Koh Tao. Home to a pristine nature that features a bed of soft white sand, turquoise water, and a spectacular underwater environment, it is definitely a perfect place to unwind and rejuvenate.

Image source: Asia Divers

4) The Maldives

It is not impossible not to love The Maldives. The nation is composed of so many atolls which give home to stunning beaches. Sandbars are also common sight in the country, providing more touristic opportunities to people. Islands can be rented for private occasions.

Image source: Sheraton Full Moon Resort

5) Tubkaak Beach (Krabi, Thailand)

Tukbaak Beach is certainly a nice reason to visit Thailand. Located on a corner
of the province, this beach boasts of a bed of white sand. The beach is also famous among snorkelers; and earns so much praises for the stunning sunset view it offers.

Image source: Beach Thailand

6) El Nido Beach (Palawan, Philippines)

Famed for its blue waters and white sand, El Nido Beach defines luxury vacation best. For many locals and tourists, it is a perfect destination to escape the tiring environment of the urban. Aside from swimming and snorkeling, you can also visit the caves around the area for some historical and cultural adventures.

Image source: Wow Islands

7) White Beach (Boracay, Philippines)

One of the most beautiful beaches in the world, you should never hesitate to visit White Beach in Boracay Island, Philippines. Aside from the luxurious vacations it offers, the area also guarantees extravagant nightlife courtesy of the beachfront commercial establishments.

Photo by: visayandreams @ - Patrick Payne

8) Padang Padang Beach (Bali, Indonesia)

You are guaranteed a very relaxing summer vacation in Padang Padang Beach. Located at the south of Bukit Peninsula, it has an environment perfect for some laid-back experiences. Amateur surfers also love the place because of the calm waves.

Image source: Bali Surf Advisor

9) TanjungRhu Beach (Langkawi, Malaysia)

A secluded beach, the spectacular TanjungRhu Beach in Langkawi is a perfect destination for those who wish to get away from the crowd. Fronting the Indian Ocean, it features shallow water which the whole family will greatly love. It also flaunts a scenic view, thanks to the impressive rock formations in the area.

Image source: Best of Langkawi

10) PhuQuoc Beach (Vietnam)

Located at Vietnam’s largest island, revealing the breathtaking Gulf of Thailand, the PhuQuoc Beach is a spectacle. The white sand is almost as white as sugar and the waters are crystal clear. It surely makes up a perfect destination for a real summer vacation in a tropical place.

Image source: Tours Vietnam

19 Aug 2013

Top 10 Destinations for Budget Shoppers in Bandung

Shopping has always been a nice activity to do when in Bandung. A tourist would even avail a Singapore to Bandung promo just to experience the hype of buying reasonably priced and interesting fashion items in this Indonesian city. This is not exactly a surprise as Bandung has always been known for its factory outlets and shopping streets.

Here are the top 10 shopping spots to visit:

1. Chihampelas Street

Also known as the Jeans Street, no trip to Bandung will ever be complete without visiting this area. As its moniker suggests, it features stalls selling cheap and quality jeans for everyone; but that’s not the main attraction there. What invites many to Chihampelas are the different life-sized statues of superheroes & other famous characters like Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Dragonball Z’s Sun Gokou, Rambo, and more placed in front of the stores.

2. For Men Factory Outlet

If you are a man and shopping with the mother/sister/girlfriend/wife gets a little stuffy and boring for you, direct yourself to the For Men Factory Outlet. It is a shopping destination in Bandung dedicated solely for men. A nice selection of apparels is sold here, as well as shoes, accessories, and whatnots.

3. Rumah Mode Factory Outlet

Pronounced as /ruma mo-day/, this factory outlet is another must-visit in Bandung. It is like the mother of all factory outlets there, and is basically a famous destination among locals and foreigners alike. During weekends and holidays, it can be totally busy so tourists are advised to go there on weekdays if possible.

4. Natural Factory Outlet

Before heading off to the Rumah Mode Factory Outlet though, you may want to stop by the Natural Factory Outlet which is just outside the first one. There’s a good range of items there, and are reasonably cheap.

5. Grande Fashion Gallery

When you’re around the Dago Shopping District, there is no way you’re going to miss the Grande Fashion Gallery. It is like the first and last stop for many people there. XL-XXXL jeans are also sold there but use ‘jumbo’ to refer to these sizes. Otherwise, salesladies may just look at you uncomfortably.

6. Heritage Factory Outlet

It’s just like any other factory outlets in Bandung; but what sets this apart is the building in which it is located. The Heritage Factory Outlet is set within a white Greek-inspired building, which basically emphasizes the idea of ‘heritage’. There’s a café/restaurant inside so people can grab a bite or a drink after some rigorous shopping spree.

7. Summit Boutique Factory Outlet

This factory outlet is located just on the sides of Heritage and people come here for the bargains. It’s a nice place in the Jalan Riau area so you might want to check it out.

8. The Secret Factory Outlet

What is amazing with The Secret Factory Outlet is that it doesn’t seem like the products sold there are cheap. It features a calming minimalist-inspired façade, which is attractive when the lit at night. It has free Wi-Fi and a courtyard where shoppers can relax.

9. Victoria Outlet

From the outside, it does look like it’s just a small place but it actually stretches far in the inside. It sells great fashion items, including kids’ apparels and stuffs. It is located in the Dago District.

10. House of Donatello

Unique and interesting, the House of Donatello is a factory outlet in the Chihampelas Area which sells local leather goods. People can buy nice leather shoes, bags, purses, handbags, etc. from there for reasonable prices.

Bandung shopping is definitely exciting so people are invited to visit this Indonesian city for the experience. Tours to Bandung usually bring people to these places, so getting one is definitely advisable.
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