17 Jan 2013

10 Most Popular Singapore Tourist Spots

There is no denying that Singapore is a very stunning country. Clean, disciplined, and brimming with beautiful places, the nation is definitely a favorite destination by many jetsetters. There are lots to do when there.

One of the most recommended activities would be buying Singapore attraction tickets to the following attractions:

1) Universal Studios Singapore

A premier attraction in the country is the Universal Studios Singapore. A first-class amusement park, it is sure to be enjoyed by the whole family. Thrill rides and fun adventures await you! Each area transports guests to a new world where all the excitement are within reach. When visiting the place, it is best to buy tickets online to avoid the long queues.

2) Singapore Zoo

One of the most spectacular zoos in the world is the Singapore Zoo. Perched on a heavily forested area that covers up to 28 hectares, it serves as a natural habitat to almost 500 species of animals including white tigers, monkeys, guanacos, sun bear, and pink flamingoes.

3) Singapore Flyer

No tour is complete without trying Singapore Flyer. Similar to London’s Eye, it is a huge Ferris Wheel which provides people who ride it with an unblocked and spectacular view of Singapore’s cityscape. Riding it feels like flying!

4) Merlion in Sentosa

There are numerous Merlion statues in Singapore and the one in Sentosa Island probably offers the best experience. Inside, learn about the history of the iconic Merlion and know more about the legendary sea dragons and mermaids. It also has an observation deck that offers a panoramic view of Sentosa Island and the country’s southern islands.

5) Gardens by the Bay

A new spectacle in Singapore is the Gardens by the Bay. Located at the Marina Bay area, it is a huge complex that features various plants and trees which are not often seen in Asia. It has two major attractions: Cloud Forest and Flower Dome.

6) Jurong Bird Park

Tagged as Asia’s largest of its kind, Jurong Bird Park is a primary tourist destination in Singapore. It is a vast landscaped park perched on Jurong Hill that gives home to almost 5,000 birds from 380 species. The aviary is open and birds can fly freely around. Interacting with the birds is also possible, with all the bird shows prepared for guests.

7) Night Safari

If you are looking for a unique experience, go to Night Safari. Located close to the Singapore Zoo, it is a good place to continue your ‘animal’ trip. It is the first nocturnal zoo in Asia and gives home to animals normally found in safaris, as well as night creatures like flying bats, tarsiers, and more.

8) Underwater World

Located at Sentosa Island, Underwater World is a stunning oceanarium which features more than 2,500 animals from 250 species. It features a 252 feet-long tunnel that would allow you to see the beautiful marine ecology. Tickets to this attraction also cover entrance to the Dolphin Lagoon at Palawan Beach.

9) Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Definitely one of the most beautiful hotels in Asia and in the world, the Marina Bay Sands Hotel is a 5-star lodging establishment that has become an icon of Singapore. It features three buildings, connected by a ship-like structure on top. Aside from its luxurious amenities and services, it features a casino, theaters, museum and a huge shopping complex, including the largest Louis Vuitton store.

10) Marina Bay Sands Sky Park

Located at the 57th floor of the Marina Bay Sands hotel is the spectacular Marina Bay Sands Sky Park. It is a favorite destination for many guests and plain tourists as it provides a spectacular view of Singapore. It is also famed for its outdoor infinity pool.


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