30 Jan 2013

Top 10 Things to Do in South Korea

For many travelers, South Korea is an undeniable heaven. It is so beautiful that many believe that setting foot on the wonderful Land of the Morning Calm is a panacea. Exaggerated, but to a lot of travelers, it is true. It is just difficult not to buy a ticket to South Korea when you know you can.

Others may contradict the idea, though, and say that the country is not as exciting as the others. But this is not necessarily true. Here are the top 10 exciting things you can do in order to make the most out of your Korean trip.

1. Try the street food

Whether you are on an all-out or budget trip, you are mandated to eat street food if you wish to amplify your experience. Visit those tent-like stalls and try the different Korean delicacies like ddeokbokki (rice cake), sundae (Korean blood sausage), kimbap (rice roll), odeng (fish cakes), mandu (dumpling), and more. Drink soju with it and you are in for a very unforgettable night!



  source: My Korean Kitchen

  source: TriFood- Soju: Korean Alcohol

2. Visit the jimjilbang
source: Coffee Helps - Jimjilbangs

One of the most interesting parts of Korean culture is the public sauna. It is a place where people stay to relax, sleep and bond with friends or families. Don’t think that it’s only the old people who come here! Even the young ones are fascinated with the goodness this paradise provides! While at it, don’t forget to eat hard-boiled eggs and drink sikhye. That’s the culture there!

3. Lock the love up!

Locks of Love at Seoul Tower

This particularly applies if you will travel to Seoul with a loved one. Visit the Seoul Tower with a padlock and lock it up with the thousand others. Many, especially the young ones, believe that if you put a padlock there and throw the key away, you and your partner will be together forever. Mushy, isn’t it?

4. Enjoy the night life at Itaewon
Nightlife at Hongdae (Club Cocoon)
Hongdae is a signature nightlife destination, but sometimes, it gets too crowded. If you’re not for the long lines, you could go to the clubs in Itaewon. Same environment, same adventure, same fun!

5. Jog along the Han River at the break of dawn

The nightlife in Seoul is extremely fascinating and appealing, that it will eventually make you sleep until noontime the following day. But try hard to combat the hangover and wake up early to see the tranquil atmosphere of the city at daytime. Jog along the peaceful Han River together with many locals and find out how many Koreans keep their bodies fit and healthy.

6. Walk/cycle around town
source: Cycle Seoul

Forget the taxis, buses and trains. Explore the city in a manual way. Whether you walk or you use a bicycle, it doesn’t matter. What is important is that you can easily stop and snap a photo of an interesting place. The public transportation is too fast for you to get a view of how the city really is. Take your time.

7. Visit the palaces

Modernism is rampant in Seoul and it is very much evident with the many skyscrapers around. So stride down the other road and go for a cultural trip. Visit the Five Grand Palaces around the city and transport yourself to the colorful and imposing past of the nation.

These are:
 Gyeong-bok-gung (경복궁/景福宮), the Main Palace

Chang-deok-gung (창덕궁/昌德宮), the Most Favored Palace by the Dynasty

Chang-gyeong-gung (창경궁/昌慶宮)

Deok-su-gung (덕수궁/德壽宮)

Gyeong-hui-gung (경희궁/慶熙宮)

8. Sing your heart out at a noraebang

A noraebang is a karaoke room, which you will certainly enjoy. Designed like a cozy living room, more are installed with simple disco lights, maracas/tambourines, and colorful wigs, it is surely a place where you will feel very elated to test your singing skills. Just make sure that you can read Korean because most of the songs are in the local language.

9. Get out of the capital city
Busan Beach

South Korea is not just Seoul, as Seoul is not entirely South Korea. There are more beautiful places that everybody must discover in this country. The high-speed railway system will certainly bring you to different provinces in few hours. Don’t miss the chance. Recommended destinations are Gyeonggi, Kangwon, and Busan.

10. Go hiking

source: - Best Sight Seeing Spots in Korea

Most Koreans love hiking, and for sure, you will enjoy it too because you will be exposed to a breathtaking nature scenery. It is such a good resort if you want to escape the typical urban; and it earns you bragging rights when you complete a trek.

There are so many things to do to stay out of the norm and still enjoy your trip to this exhilarating city. So what are you waiting for? Grab that cheap air ticket to Seoul now and experience the best Asian trip you can ever get.

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