21 Jan 2013

January 2013 Celebrations to Look Forward To

January has kicked off and people are now beginning to busy themselves with planning their holiday trips for the year 2013, beginning with the hunt for cheap tickets. However, preparing for these grand vacations do not end with just wanting to travel. The optimum priority is, of course, the destination – which fun coincides with the different happenings that will happen in the place in time with the trip.

So what are the events across the globe, which are set to take place on January of this year?

1. Dunkirk Carnival

 If you are going to be in northern France on January 12 to March 30, you should not miss the chance of visiting one of the most extravagant and boisterous carnivals in the area, the Dunkirk Carnival. It is held to pay tribute to the heritage of the city which basically revolves around fishing and maritime industries.

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*Travel Globe: What's on in Dunkirk France

2. Lowcountry Oyster Festival

If heading to South Carolina, make sure you’ll be there on the 27th as it is time for the Lowcountry Oyster Festival. There, you can suffice yourself with as many oysters as you can! That’s a whole lot of treat! Furthermore, the atmosphere is very festive as loud music plays during the event.

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*Festival News: Lowcountry Oyster Festival, Charleston, South Carolina
 *Harbor Island Oyster: Worldwide Oyster Festival

3. World Buskers Festival

Total entertainment runs for ten days (January 17-27) at Christchurch, New Zealand everytime the World Buskers Festival is held there. You will surely have fun witnessing shows and performances from great street performers who will do comedy, fire shows, juggling, magic, and many more!

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*New Zealand: World Buskers Festival
*Be There: World Buskers Festival


4. Winter Wineland

Craving for some delicious wine? Then attend the Winter Wineland in Northern Sonoma County, California from January 19-20. Winemakers and wine lovers come together at the Wine Road to celebrate the genius that is wine. Visit the different wineries and try the world’s best kinds.

Relevant Link:
*Epicuring: Annual Winter Wineland Sonoma

5. San Sebastián Street Festival

From January 17 to 20, Old San Juan is transformed into a very vibrant carnival that features revelers, rides, food stalls and live musicians to celebrate the San Sebastián Street Festival. The main attraction here is the grand parade along Calle San Sebastián.

Relevant Link:
*Legends of PR

6. Temple Bar Trad Fest

For six full days, Irish music is celebrated in Dublin through the Temple Bar Trad Fest. From January 22 to 27, people come together to see different local performers with world-renowned talents as they flaunt their talents.

Relevant Link: 
*Temple Bartrrad Schedule and updates

7. National Western Stock Show

 Experiencing the Wild Wild West is not difficult. You just have to visit Denver, Colorado from January 12-27 as it is during these dates when the National Western Stock Show is held. Bull ridings, rodeos, horse contests and show jumping are some of the main attractions which you’ll surely enjoy watching.

Relevant Link:
*Denverpost: National Western Stock Show Images

8. Hot Air Balloon Festival

Marvel on as colorful hot air balloons adorn the beautiful day sky at Château-d’Œx, Switzerland from January 26 to February 3. You can even ride one if you’re lucky! Afterwards, you can also visit the museum which features Montgolfier balloons.

*View more Images at AmusingPlanet: International Hot Air Balloon Festival

9. Gasparilla Pirate Fest

Turning into a pirate is quite easy at Tampa, Florida during the 26th of January. The main attraction here is the José Gasparilla, the world’s only fully-rigged pirate ship.

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*Landosentinel: Gasparilla Pirate Fest in Tampa Florida
*Tampa Florida Photo Blog: José Gasparilla's Pirate Ship

10. January Basho

Flights to Tokyo will be more worth it if it coincides with the January Basho, happening on January 12-27. It is a unique event because it features sumo wrestling matches, and is actually the first of the six grand events for the year.

*View more Images at Jaydee Japan: Tokyo Grand Sumo Tournament


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  2. aaaah! I just missed the Temple Bar thing. If I only knew before

  3. Thank you for the invites! I'd love to help your goal.

  4. @T. there's next time for everything :) I heard lot's of music festivals coming for this year in various locations worldwide.


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