19 Aug 2013

Top 10 Destinations for Budget Shoppers in Bandung

Shopping has always been a nice activity to do when in Bandung. A tourist would even avail a Singapore to Bandung promo just to experience the hype of buying reasonably priced and interesting fashion items in this Indonesian city. This is not exactly a surprise as Bandung has always been known for its factory outlets and shopping streets.

Here are the top 10 shopping spots to visit:

1. Chihampelas Street

Also known as the Jeans Street, no trip to Bandung will ever be complete without visiting this area. As its moniker suggests, it features stalls selling cheap and quality jeans for everyone; but that’s not the main attraction there. What invites many to Chihampelas are the different life-sized statues of superheroes & other famous characters like Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Dragonball Z’s Sun Gokou, Rambo, and more placed in front of the stores.

2. For Men Factory Outlet

If you are a man and shopping with the mother/sister/girlfriend/wife gets a little stuffy and boring for you, direct yourself to the For Men Factory Outlet. It is a shopping destination in Bandung dedicated solely for men. A nice selection of apparels is sold here, as well as shoes, accessories, and whatnots.

3. Rumah Mode Factory Outlet

Pronounced as /ruma mo-day/, this factory outlet is another must-visit in Bandung. It is like the mother of all factory outlets there, and is basically a famous destination among locals and foreigners alike. During weekends and holidays, it can be totally busy so tourists are advised to go there on weekdays if possible.

4. Natural Factory Outlet

Before heading off to the Rumah Mode Factory Outlet though, you may want to stop by the Natural Factory Outlet which is just outside the first one. There’s a good range of items there, and are reasonably cheap.

5. Grande Fashion Gallery

When you’re around the Dago Shopping District, there is no way you’re going to miss the Grande Fashion Gallery. It is like the first and last stop for many people there. XL-XXXL jeans are also sold there but use ‘jumbo’ to refer to these sizes. Otherwise, salesladies may just look at you uncomfortably.

6. Heritage Factory Outlet

It’s just like any other factory outlets in Bandung; but what sets this apart is the building in which it is located. The Heritage Factory Outlet is set within a white Greek-inspired building, which basically emphasizes the idea of ‘heritage’. There’s a café/restaurant inside so people can grab a bite or a drink after some rigorous shopping spree.

7. Summit Boutique Factory Outlet

This factory outlet is located just on the sides of Heritage and people come here for the bargains. It’s a nice place in the Jalan Riau area so you might want to check it out.

8. The Secret Factory Outlet

What is amazing with The Secret Factory Outlet is that it doesn’t seem like the products sold there are cheap. It features a calming minimalist-inspired façade, which is attractive when the lit at night. It has free Wi-Fi and a courtyard where shoppers can relax.

9. Victoria Outlet

From the outside, it does look like it’s just a small place but it actually stretches far in the inside. It sells great fashion items, including kids’ apparels and stuffs. It is located in the Dago District.

10. House of Donatello

Unique and interesting, the House of Donatello is a factory outlet in the Chihampelas Area which sells local leather goods. People can buy nice leather shoes, bags, purses, handbags, etc. from there for reasonable prices.

Bandung shopping is definitely exciting so people are invited to visit this Indonesian city for the experience. Tours to Bandung usually bring people to these places, so getting one is definitely advisable.

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