26 Feb 2013

Places to Discover this 2013

As the new year begins, there are many people who are plotting their schedules well – trying to figure out when they could go on trips with families, friends, or special someones. Cheap tickets are booked as early as now to avoid hassles and annoyances which last-minute flight booking can give. But the question is "Which is the best place to visit this 2013?" Here are some exciting suggestions:

1. New Zealand
Be fascinated by the Waitomo Glow Worm Caves in New Zealand!

With its stunning natural glory, it is not a question why New Zealand made it to the list of places to visit on 2013. It is a land where mountains, beaches, and volcanic zones come in perfect harmony with buildings and monuments that symbolize the nation’s economic surge. It is a good tourist destination because there are lots of attractions in the country. Those who are in for some leisure trip will surely enjoy it here.

2. Greenland
A non-continental island located in the Arctic region, it can be expected that Greenland is more of cold than humid. It is a nice destination for people who wish to isolate themselves from too much crowd. The nation, which is actually part of the Kingdom of Denmark, is home to arctic mountains, fjords, and remote villages. Glaciers are usual sights in the place - complementing well the beauty of nature that is in there.

Image source: National Geographic: Photo by James Balog

3. Chile

 Artful hanging cars? Only in Chile!

What seemed to be a long stretch of island in the west coast of South America is actually a beautiful destination for a memorable experience. The Republic of Chile, as how it is officially known, is home to loads of street arts which enthusiasts will surely take pleasure on seeing. Furthermore, Chile has a very commendable heritage and is home to very hospitable and respectful people. It is generally a safe place to be in so touring will be doubly fun in there.

Image sources:
*Fresh Bump (by fashionmag): Colorful Art Cars Hanging Out in Chile
*Ginkopress: Street Art Chile

4. France

A renowned European city, France will never leave the list of top destinations in every year. Home to global icons spearheaded by the Eiffel Tower, this nation is surely one of the most romantic places to visit. It is a great place to start when going on a European escapade.

Image source: InternationalLiving

5. Costa Rica

Travelers who are into ecotourism will surely find Costa Rica a serene paradise. As a Caribbean nation, it boasts of a spectacular nature which mainly features the wildlife. There is a wide variety of flora and fauna in its parks and mountains. Nature photographers and enthusiasts will surely have an unforgettable experience here.

Image source: Tripbnb - Visiting Costa Rica

6. Kazakhstan

This 2013, it will be great to travel to the ninth biggest country in the world, Kazakhstan. Bordered by Russia, China and other Central Asian countries, this nation does not have any significant historical spots or imposing structures; however, its charm lies on the mysteriousness and emptiness of the place.

Image source: The Planetd - Kazakhstan a Country of Contrasts

7. Madagascar

If not contented with the film, then people should plan a trip to the real thing! Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world and is located off the coast of Africa. It is a majorly tropical island that gives home to a widely varied wildlife. Lots of nature parks are perched in mountainous regions, fascinating trekkers and nature lovers undoubtedly.

Image source: Earth Island - Madagascar's Baobab Trees

8. Bhutan

Perched in the Himalayas region between Tibet and India, people can travel to Bhutan to find the perfect destination to experience something unique. Culturally and environmentally gorgeous, this small country flaunts an immaculate nature and astounding harmony among the kingdom. It is the only Vajrayana Buddhist nation in the world so even religion, itself, is unquestionably unique. With its imposing splendor, it is known as the ‘Last Shangri-La’.

Image source: C & E Holidays - Kurjey Tsechu in Bhutan

9. Peru

The main attraction in Peru is the Machu Picchu, the most imposing set of ruins in the world which is from the Incan Empire. It is perched on a mountain top, and therefore requires a bit of trekking to be reached. Nonetheless, it is a lovely destination that brings glory to Peru. Aside from this, there are more historical places to visit in the nation. A trip will surely be worth it.

Image source: Peru Machu Picchu

10. Tasmania

Yes, Tasmania is home to the Tasmania Devil; but that isn’t just the thing to look forward to about this Australian state. The unique lifestyle of the people and the stunning nature should also be anticipated. Historic edifices are in the island as well, providing people with some interesting pieces of information about the community’s past.

Image source: Outravel - Maria Tasmania Island

Listed above are just some of the top destinations to visit this 2013. There are more options – places which people can readily visit with cheap tickets available online.


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