5 Feb 2013

Top 10 Places to Spend Chinese New Year At

As Chinese New Year 2013  fast approaches, more and more people are now panicking to get those cheap air tickets to their desired destinations. Some haven’t decided where to go to yet, though. So to help, here are the top 10 cities where extravagance is the constant theme for the festivity:

1. Singapore

As the whole street of Chinatown gets lovely with the red and yellow lanterns hanging, it also gets lively as music booms aloud as dragon and lion dancers parade around. People are given two days of holidays so getting it on with the party is permissible. Drinks and food are overflowing during the celebration.

* Singapore Playground
* - Chinatown
* Asianewsnet

2. Beijing

Of course, nothing beats the original. As the capital city of China, many opt to come to the city in time for the Chinese New Year. The event is at its best at where it originated, after all. Dragon and lion dances are performed around the metropolis, as people come together to feast over good food and companies.

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* Saisnanjing

3. Hong Kong

You are in for some great fun when you buy Hong Kong air tickets in time for the CNY. The whole city is basically illuminated with fireworks to welcome the New Year, and music is loud – really loud. The festival lasts for 15 days. That’s exciting, right?

* Caffeinated Traveller - What to Expect This Chinese New Year in Hong Kong?

4. Vietnam

Instead of celebrating CNY, Vietnam holds the Lunar New Year – which is practically a version of the Chinese event. It lasts for 3-4 days as people come home to be with their families to have fun. Locals will then commonly clean houses and go for makeovers. It’s their way of starting anew, and that’s what New Year is all about for them. Vietnam tours offer spectacular experiences you may want to try.


5. Sydney

With its celebration centered on Chinatown and the Chinese Garden of Friendship in Darling Harbour, you can expect that the celebration is one of a kind in Sydney, Australia. Markets and food stalls are set up and parades are held to contribute to the festive atmosphere.


6. Paris

It might be quite surprising but yes, Paris celebrates the Chinese New Year. In fact, it is to be anticipated because the city lights up in color as people in colorful costumes parade around to distribute luck among everyone. The fireworks displays are superb too!

* - Chinese New Year Celebration in Paris Town Hall
* iFashion Blog

7. Los Angeles (USA)

This big city in California is home to many Chinese communities. Thus, it is of no wonder why Chinese New Year is greatly celebrated there. You should look forward to the Golden Dragon Parade which flaunts colorful floats and marching bands that certainly livens up the atmosphere. It runs along North Broadway to Chinatown.

* Just Luxe

8. Helsinki (Finland)

This city in Finland sure knows how to escalate the fun during the Chinese New Year. Having signed an agreement with Beijing, Helsinki shows traditional lion, dragon and butterfly dances on its streets. There are also operas depicting different battle scenes in the Chinese history. Lots of Chinese markets are organized too!

* Helsinkippusa
* CNY Stage Performance in Helsinki

9. London

In Leicester Square and Chinatown, people come together to witness acrobatic shows, dragon dances, and traditional performances from Chinese artists during the Chinese New Year. It is surely an interesting feat as it flaunts the majestic fusion of Oriental and European cultures.

* Visit London : Chinese New Year in London

10. San Francisco (USA)

It is almost two centuries ago since San Francisco included the Chinese New Year in its heritage. The celebration in the city is considered one of the longest in the world. Aside from the typical parade, San Francisco also holds the Chinese New Year Flower Fair and Chinatown Community Street Fair.

* Party Earth - Chinese New Year Parade & Festival
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