26 May 2013

10 Shopping Areas in Tokyo, Japan

In Tokyo, shopping is so fun that even Tokyo tour packages include time for a quick shopping spree in its itineraries. Why not though? There are so many interesting things sold in the malls, markets and stalls in Tokyo – from food to gadgets. When it comes to fashion, stores in Tokyo sell apparels and accessories which basically start trends in the fashion world. Therefore, it is really worth it to try shopping when in the city.

But the question is: Where to go to shop? Here are some suggestions:

1. Akihabara

As Japan is known for its advanced technology, it is no wonder why people come to the district of Akihabara. Most stalls there sell electronic gadgets and computer games; although recently, it is becoming a hub for otaku fans as stalls selling anime items like mangas and souvenirs came sprawling.

2. Ameyoko Arcade
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The famous Ameyoko Arcade is an old open-air market that majestically exudes the Shitamachi (low city) aura. It is the place to find fresh fishes, fruits and vegetables, second hand clothing, and more. Souvenir items in Ginza may be found here for cheaper prices. However, it is recently recognized as a blackmarket district. It is parallel the JR Yamanote Line.

3. Nakamise-dori

One of the most interesting shopping areas in Tokyo is the Nakamise-dori. The long line of stalls selling mostly souvenirs and local delicacies leads to the famed Senso-ji, the oldest Buddhist temple in Japan.

4. Marunouchi

Known as the financial district of Tokyo, it is not a surprise why many of the world’s leading brands in fashion can be found in Marunouchi. Most stalls are seen in Nihombashi; as well as in malls like Oazu and Marinouchi Building by Tokyo Station. Furthermore, the district is home to impressive architectures so one can do sightseeing while shopping.

5. Hachiman-dori

Many are attracted with the unique fashion sense of Japanese people so they come to Tokyo to find these attires. Most of which can be spotted in Hachiman-dori then. It is a shopping hub where flares of local designs can be found. It is an interesting shopping destination because most items found here can only be found in Japan.

6. Kappabashi

Between Ueno and Asakusa is an interesting street where stalls sell food, which cannot be eaten. Also known as the Kitchen Town, stores sell plastic food models which many restaurants use as display. In addition to that, the stores in Kappabashi make available almost everything that has to do with starting a restaurant business.

7. Takeshita

In the heart of Harajuku can be found Takeshita, a pedestrian street which features fashion and souvenir stores, caf├ęs, and restaurants. It is a favorite hub for many teenagers as boutiques mostly cater to them. There are many international brands here as well.

8. Omote Sando

As the center of Tokyo’s haute couture, Omote Sando is another favorite for many fashion enthusiasts who come to Japan. It is where independent fashion designers sell their creations. Second hand stores can be found there.

Japanese furniture had always been a point of interest anywhere in the world and in MISC, people can actually buy it. The area has more than 60 shops selling vintage furniture and antiques.

10. Ginza

Probably the most upscale area in Tokyo, Ginza is the home to major department stores. Tourists will find international luxury brands here and is a good place for some chic shopping experiences.

There are many reasons to buy cheap tickets to Tokyo but no one can deny that shopping is one of the major purposes. It is, after all, an essential part of the exciting culture of the beautiful nation that is Japan.

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