10 May 2013

10 Best Diving Sites in Bali, Indonesia

Most of the travelers who avail flight deals are scuba divers looking for the perfect venue for their hobbies. They tend to look for cheaper transportation costs because scuba diving could be a little expensive. There are a lot of preferences when it comes to destinations; but definitely, Bali is one of the most famous choices.

As Bali is hailed as a paradise in Indonesia, it is home to a marvelous underwater ecology which scuba divers definitely love. For first timers, here are some of the best diving sites in the island:

1) USAT Liberty

USAT Liberty was actually a steamship that sank after getting torpedoed by the Japanese troops in 1942. After a few decades, it has become an artificial reef where many underwater attractions have flourished. Known as the Liberty Shipwreck, it is now hailed as Bali’s most popular diving site. Aside from the corals and sponges, the area is also home to schools of big-eyed jacks, emperors, batfish, and parrotfish.

2) Tulamben drop-off

Located close to the shipwreck, the Tulamben drop-off is a typical diving site for many professional scuba divers. It is quite deep but the underwater scenery in the area is truly breathtaking. Whale sharks and sunfishes are usually spotted here. Tulamben is located in the northeast coast of Bali.

3) Amed

At the southeastern part of Bali lies Amed. It has beautifully retained the relaxed ambience of the salt-panning and fishing village that it used to be – which greatly contributes to the relaxing appeal of the place. Scuba divers would definitely love the drift dive at Gili Selang which is the easternmost point of the island.

4) Lipah Shipwreck

A part of Amed, the Lipah Shipwreck is another exciting artificial reef in Bali, Indonesia. The wreck is located in the north end of Lipah Bay and may be reached easily by divers. The area is considered home to copper sweepers, school of batfish, hard corals and other marine species. This is preferred by many professionals as the current can be a little strong in the area.

5) Gili Tepekong

The interesting thing about Gili Tepekong is that it’s a place where divers can feel like they are seeing a lot of Medusa heads underwater. These are actually sea fans, tunicates and sponges resting on a huge volcanic hump. The environment deep there is incredible, especially when the schools of jacks, tuna, sharks, and mola mola are there.

6) Blue Lagoon

For amateurs, the Blue Lagoon near Padang Bai is the perfect diving spot. As the coral reefs can already be seen after a 3-meter dive, it is a good introduction to many. There are a lot of leather corals and anemones to be seen there. Underwater photographers would surely love it here.

7) Napoleon Reef

Near Pamuteran is the Napoleon Reef. It was called that way after a large Napoleon wrasse was seen here. Professional and amateur divers will surely enjoy it here because it boasts of beautiful deep and shallow areas. The cotton-candy corals are a sight to see!

8) Menjangan Island

The drop-off is definitely an exciting place. Divers will be greeted by schools of batfish and colorful coral reefs. Small underwater caves are also possible to be explored.

9) Crystal Bay

One of the safest places to dive for many professionals and amateurs is the Crystal Bay in Nusa Penida. However, the current can be very strong so divers are still advised to take and observe necessary precautions.

10) Manta Point

As how the name suggests, this area is a hub for many manta rays, including a purely white one that seems like a heavenly creature. Coming to Manta Point is not exactly easy; but it’s surely worth it.

Whether just learning how to dive or looking for a real thrill, people should visit Bali for these spots. As said, the underwater ecology in the island is definitely spectacular. There should be no room for hesitations.

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