20 Sept 2012

10 Beautiful Places in Seoul

Seoul is undeniably one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Home to quirky cafés and extravagant culture, it is a city where dreams come true. It features a variety of magnificence exemplified by almost everything one gets to see around; and for these beauties, people can't help to tour around Seoul.

When visiting this wonderful city, there are a few mandatory stops to complete your trip. Here is the list:

1. Dongdaemun Market

Since 1905, Dongdaemun Market has been a constant venue for cheap shopping in Seoul. The huge market covers a total of 10 city blocks, featuring tens of thousands of shops and boutiques selling almost everything you could imagine. Dining establishments are abundant. You should not miss the quirky cafés.

2. Admiral Yi Sun Shin Statue

Located in the middle of Jongno-gu, Admiral Yi Sun Shin Statue is basically a park that features water fountains. Tourists love the place not just for its beauty but also because it is near almost everything. You can even play around fountains and get wet, like the children.

3. Namsan Park

It is like criminal to not visit Namsan Park when in Seoul. It is a very beautiful place, exuding so much tranquility and romance. People can easily convene with nature when there, and just get away from everything else in the city. It has the Namsan Tower which people can visit for an unblocked view of the wondrous Seoul cityscape. Many people come to the park at night, especially when the tower is colorfully lighted.

4. Changdeokgung Palace

This brilliant palace complex was built during the 15th century under the orders of Emperor Taejong. It displays the royal beauty of Far Eastern architecture and is currently identified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Metro Seoul, along with Jongmyo Shrine.

5. Gyeongbok Palace

During the Joseon Dynasty, grand palaces were built. Five of which stands strong and splendid up to now. Serving as the crown jewel among the five is the Gyeongbok Palace. Since 1934, it has been exuding the royal feel, with a huge courtyard, beautiful gardens and the National Folk Museum inside.

6. Insadong

When you wish to visit the cultural district of Seoul, go to Insadong. There can be found streets brimming with stalls and boutiques selling antiques and artworks made by Korean artists. Cafés will never leave the scene, of course.

7. Lotte World

A very extravagant amusement park, Lotte World is definitely a place to be especially when you availed cheap flights to Seoul with the whole family. Rides are definitely adventurous and fun. Lotte World also has the largest indoor skating rink in the country. If lucky, you could even spot celebrities having fun or shooting shows there.

8. National Museum of Korea

Renowned as one of the best museums in capital cities, the National Museum of Korea will take you to an impressive journey down the memory lane as you step around its corridors, marveling on its wide collections of artworks and antiques, passed onto different generations.

9. Han River

The banks of Han River are like the most accessible venue for free relaxation. Although it could be quite crowded at times, it is a perfect place to just laze around, jog, or go biking. Usually, couples visit the place because of its romantic appeal. The river and the view of the city lights are impressive.

10. Cheonggye Stream

Once an ordinary body of water, Cheonggye Stream is now transformed to an impressive tourist attraction in Seoul. The water kept on running but pavements were built in order for people to walk along it, and just relax. During the night, it brightens up because of the colorful installations around.

Seoul is such an exciting city to be disregarded. It is something you should not miss for anything else. So if cheap flights to Seoul are made available, grab it. Don’t let a wonderful opportunity pass you by.

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